After The Mountain Fire

After The Mountain Fire

Honesty, maturity and sincerity

After The Mountain Fire is incredible. I can’t believe that this guy is seventeen. His name is Harris Rosenblum, and he’s doing an incredible job. I’d love to ask him what kind of music he listens to because there are a ton of different influences in here, but nothing seems very direct. Honestly, that’s perfect.


“Turn My Bones” is the only song you can listen to right now from his forthcoming album, “Sleep Deprivation,” but it’s incredible. It’s catchy and intimate right from the beginning. Each verse is equally as impactful. When he starts reminiscing of younger ages, I remember that he’s only seventeen, and I’m blown away. These lyrics are more mature than people many years older can usually come up with. They feel totally honest too and that’s so ideal. After The Mountain is one of the most impressive projects I’ve come along in a long time. I can’t wait to hear the rest of “Sleep Deprivation.”

What’s even more impressive is that this kid has another album that he release almost a year ago called “Squarelled Something.” It contains 13 tracks and you can download it for free from his Bandcamp page. It’s clearly more DIY, but I think it should be. These songs are really good, and I’d totally recommend them to almost anybody.

Head over to After The Mountain Fire’s Bandcamp page and then feel bad that you’re probably older than 17 with fewer accomplishments. Franz Schubert wrote over six hundred pieces of music before he was 31, and Harris Rosenblum is well on track.