There are no beaches in Denver.

Balue is going to the beach, and they’re going to swim around and look at all the creatures. Oh man, I’d love to go to the beach right now, and this is definitely what I’d listen to on the way there. Balue’s five track album “Worry Toobs” on Bandcamp is totally solid beach rock for this wintery season. They’re from Denver! Why are they singing about the beach?!

“Australian Summer” is my favorite track on this album. It’s the most immediately surf rock, but it’s got enough detail to totally keep my attention the whole time. There are even some beautiful wave sounds in there at the end! Man, I’d love to go to the beach right now! Spring break is coming up, but I’m heading north! How silly of me. Maybe I’ll go find this Balue band.

“Brain Folds” has some really interesting guitar tones and percussion syncopation going on. This is a close second for me. All five of these songs are definitely solid though. Head over to their Bandcamp to check them out and download them for free.

I really like this guy’s voice. It’s not too polished or too out of reach. Too many people nowadays are trying to explore strange areas vocally that I just can’t relate to.

These songs make me want to go on long drives, and driving is one of my favorite things to do. So, thank you, Balue, for taking me to some of the parts of my mind that I love most.