Denver Raw Rock

Buildings is a rock band from Denver. They’re calling this “post-hardcore”, “post-rock”, “indie”, “rock”, and “noise”. Terms don’t mean anything at all! Tagging is such an inherently limiting categorization style, but it’s the only way I find out about bands. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Whenever I hear “post-hardcore”, I’m immediately predisposed to think of Showbread, a band that I absolutely love. So, luckily for Buildings, I sort of think they sound like Showbread. Some of these tracks are truly impressive. “Born On A Bomb” is one of my favorites. I’d call this raw rock. That bass is so perfectly gritty. Those guitars are perfectly overdriven. These vocals really do remind me of Showbread. Maybe this is what Showbread would sound like if they were all way more muscular and really scary.

“I Don’t Love My Dog Anymore” is probably the saddest song title I’ve ever heard. What could a dog do to make you not love it? Dogs are so cute and perfect. Nevertheless, this song sounds really cool. If I had a lyrics sheet, I am absolutely certain I would figure out what this song was about and be really into it.

Buildings’ album “Melt Cry Sleep” has a really creepy cover. It’s a naked woman bending over holding three spheres in a bag and slightly biting one of her hands. That’s pretty artistic. Everything is art. I hope these dudes are awesome. Their music makes me think they totally should be. I guess I’ll have to go to Denver and find out! Everything is art.