EP Review: So Close To Midnight

I haven’t found a great electro pop group in Colorado in a while and Flashlights really hits the spot. They’ve got a five-track EP called “So Close To Midnight” on Bandcamp as a free download. These songs are exactly perfect for late-night city exploration or long drives to the ocean with your girlfriend. These guys are creating a very perfect and very specific mood. Don’t pass it up.

Flashlights has loads of great press quotes on their Bandcamp and I’m glad. They deserve lots of praise for these five tracks. They’ve also got a remix EP that’s totally worth listening to. Don’t listen to the remix EP first though. I made that mistake and now everything sounds like a remix. It’s all wonderful though, so no harm done really.

Flashlights is playing at Larimer Lounge in Denver on June 16, and I’d be sure to make it to that show if I were you. These kinds of tones and mid-tempo dance grooves are perfect for live situations.

“Ruby Sun” is my favorite song on the EP. It totally gives me that feeling of playing Outrun on a Sega Genesis while hanging out with all the babes in California. These tones are great.

Check these guys out! Listen to their music! Donate money to them if you have lots on your hands! Everyone needs encouragement, and Flashlights deserves it. I’d totally make it to that June 16 show if I were anywhere near Denver that day. Don’t miss it!