The Foot.

The Foot.

The first sound on The Foot.’s “The Crowd Control EP” is one of the most annoying sounds of my childhood, the dialup internet connection sound. Then this really thick fuzz bass comes in and “The Day We Danced Around Gold” is in full swing. My annoyances are forgotten, it’s the twenty-first century, and I’ve found a great new band.

“The Day We Danced Around Gold” is incredibly dynamic. At several points it jumps from filling up my ear buds vibrating capacity to totally disappearing and leaving me listening to the people on the computers beside me. I love that. There isn’t enough dynamics in music today. The choruses on this song are huge, and the verses are sufficiently different and pull the song together really well.

There are only three songs on this EP, but they’re all really solid. That’s great. I reviewed a band once that had over twenty songs on an album, and I like some of them, but it was hard to sift through. The Foot. really seems to understand how important quality over quantity really is.

“Dark Dark Ways” is much more of a classic rock jam, but it’s just as interesting. These guitar riffs could totally show up in a popular guitar magazine one day. Songs like this are great to happen across on boring weekdays.

“A Parting Lesson” rounds the EP up with a surprisingly soft acoustic jam, proving that these guys can take on the full range of alternative music. This is probably my favorite track on the album, but I’m sure that everyone would have totally different opinions about these three. That’s what makes this powerful. There’s something for everyone.