The only tag Harpoontang used on BandCamp besides “Denver” is “fun”. That’s so appropriate! “Jingle Me Down” is the raunchiest Christmas song you could ever hear. I promise. All of these songs are ridiculous! And sort of disgusting, but it’s so entertaining. Santa knows where you’ve been, but you don’t know where he’s been. Wrap it up.

Whoa! The second track uses a modified version of “Life Is A Highway” and it seems so much more appropriate this way. I really don’t know how to say anything about these songs that won’t get me in trouble. You need to go listen to them.

The third track is just as crazy as the first two. I wish there were more than just three, or that those three were longer. None of them are even three minutes.

I think these girls all wore footy pajamas to a show. Footy Pajamas, fake mustaches, and boots. Would I have fallen in love with them immediately? Probably. I’m sure lots of people did.

Harpoontang seems like an awesome name. Then when you listen to Harpoontang for a while, Harpoontang seems like the only awesome name for this. Excellent choice.

“Baby in a baby cage. Tiger in a tiger rage.” These girls are totally bananas.

I can’t tell how often Harpoontang plays shows (I bet they play tons of shows that don’t get Facebook events), but if I lived in Denver, I’d make sure to check them out. Super cute girls singing about ridiculous stuff in pajamas sampling super anthemic classics? Pshyeaaaah.