The Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere

Quiet Songs For A Loud Generation

Well, this album is extremely accurately titles. “Quiet Songs for a Loud Generation” by The Northern Hemisphere is one of the lowest volume albums I’ve ever heard. I had to turn my speakers way up to  really hear it. That’s totally appropriate though. They get such good dynamics that most bands nowadays can’t pull off at all with all their enormous levels of compression and artificial mastering techniques. “Quiet Songs for a Loud Generation” sounds really great, even though you have to turn your speakers up about three times as much as normal to really hear its softest parts.

Specifically, the first track, “Quiet Song” is incredibly low volume. It sounds amazing though when you turn it up. It’s about three minutes of very simple, and very quiet, instrumentation.

“Exit Signs” is probably my favorite track on the album. They keep the really great glass bottle tones they’ve been using on it, but it’s got a more interesting beat behind it than most of the tracks. It’s sort of lo-fi, but it’s got some obvious modern plug-ins thrown in there. There’s really great reverb on it as well as some sick filters.

“Moving Mountains To Dust” is really great too. This band is all about making great sounds and tones. They nail it here.  There are sparkly tones and then ambient foreign language vocals. They tagged themselves as “soundscapes”, and songs like this make me remember how great it can be to effectively create a beautiful atmosphere with beautiful sounds.