Song of the Day: Justin Townes Earle, " Wanderin' "

Song of the Day: Justin Townes Earle, " Wanderin' " now has a series called "Song of the Day."  Some of the songs you may have heard, others you may have not.  This series will try to help you, the music fan, in finding some new artists, or give you a chance to listen to a song you've hopefully already grown to love.  It will also bring an opportunity to buy some CD's, and give the information you'll need to see some of the featured artist's shows when they come around your area. 

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Today's "Song of the Day" comes from Justin Townes Earle with his song, "Wanderin'."  The singer/songwriter was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and now resides in Manhattan, New York.  Talent is in his blood, for he's the son of musician, Steve Earle, and was named after Townes Van Zandt, who is one of his inspirations.

His road has been a tough one, but he's conquered his demons, got himself in a great place, and is producing incredible music. 

Lyrics always catch my ear, and the song, "Wanderin'," has these verses:

"Well I'm just a lonely traveler and I don't know where I'm bound.
Though, that if I keep on moving then I know that I'll be found.
I'll climb high atop a mountain, call for he who holds the crown,
But until that day, keep on wanderin'

Well now, when the soul wanders there are things a man must see.
There are trials he must know and there are troubles he must meet.
He must stare in the eyes of evil and know that he is free.
'Til the good lord calls, keep on wanderin'..."

To buy his CD(s), for updates, tour dates, and other news click on their website, or follow them on their Facebook Page.  He will be in Colorado Springs, on April 16, 2011.  For tickets, click here.  Until then, here is Justin Townes Earle's song, "Wanderin'," enjoy,