Stephanie Mabey

Stephanie Mabey

Songs about zombies and more

Stephanie Mabey has a song about zombies! It’s perfectly creepy. You can find it on her Bandcamp page as “The Zombie Song.” She’s totally right when she says vampires are getting too much love these days. Zombies are so much cooler. This song is pretty cool as well! Check it out! It’s totally poppy and thematically consistent!


If Stephanie Mabey were a zombie, she wouldn’t want your brain. She’d just want your heart. That’s the hook for this zombie love song, and it’s an interesting concept. Do zombies love? Do zombies feel emotions? Can they have relationships? Discover this and more through “The Zombie Song” on Stephanie Mabey’s Bandcamp page.

She’s holding a Q Chord in her picture. That’s one of the most underutilized tools in music. They can make incredible sounds incredibly easy. Kudos to you, Stephanie, for figuring that out.

She’s tagging herself as indie pop, and I’d say that’s totally accurate. This song is especially poppy, but not in a disgusting radio-pop way. She’s got a whole other album on Bandcamp as well. It’s way more serious, and I’d definitely recommend it. Zombies are great, but that’s not all Stephanie Mabey has to sing about. You can only listen to two songs from “Wake Up Dreaming” right now, but they’re both super interesting. There’s something unique in her voice that makes me want to just keep listening to the same little phrases over and over again.

Check out Stephanie Mabey’s music for songs about zombies and more!