Vocal Battle

Vocal Battle

Featuring Urban Method

Acknowledging various artists, bands, songs and overall Denver music is the purpose of this sight. I was planning to write on the upcoming concerts and shows coming to Denver in the next few weeks, but I am putting that on hold briefly. Instead, I wanted to talk about a Denver group that is making headlines on a NBC show, “The Sing-Off.” This group is Urban Method.

Urban Method is comprised of eight Denver musicians who have formed to compete on this no music, all acappella, show. The primary difference between this group and the other vocal groups on the show, is their hip-hop/rap approach to their songs. They stand out…do things a little different…which could be the defining component which will keep them singing or send them back to Denver.

First and foremost, let me say (if you have not yet watched this show) it’s worth checking out. A cappella music is an interesting genre on its own and listening to their voices and their fellow members verbally laying down the musical tones, basses, etc. can be a phenomenal experience. I am not here advocating for the show – music shows have taken over television like reality shows themselves. Some are good, others are not. Regardless, the benefit of these shows are that they highlight individuals throughout the nation and sometimes the world, striving to make a name for themselves in the music business.

Urban Method is one of these groups. They provide a hip-hop spin to a cappella music and their primary vocalist/rapper is Myke Charles fast lyrical flow, passion for music, and a similar feel to Eminem or Drake. He is talented…the group is talented and they are making their mark in the a cappella world. The show has them performing various covers from various artists…from hip-hop to country. Check them out…give a little support from their hometown…and when the show concludes and if they return to Denver, try to catch a show if given that chance. Whether you like hip-hop or not, respect their talent and their passion for what they do. We can always  use a little more music in our lives and Urban Method is simply offering a different flavor of that.