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Woody Oliver

Sad Songs

Woody Oliver is really into sad songs. He named his four song album on Bandcamp “Sad Songs Are Good Songs”, and he straight up says that he thinks sad music is way better than happy music.

The first song on this collection is called “I Wonder”, and it’s a long bit of pondering on whether a girl for Woody exists and what she’s like. It’s pretty elaborate, but it’s a simple question. Most people wonder about that I think.

The second song is called “This Is My Reality”. It starts out with an analogy of mood to a gasoline dowsed trampoline. This song is totally sad.

“Make It Hall Love” is the next track of the four. It starts out with a great bit of happiness! This song is actually quite uplifting and hopefully. He talks about trading things in for “the fun ways” and demands that he’s going to live his life like that. I like this song! He talks about stripping people down to their hearts, and it’s not sad at all.

“You Just Say Goodbye” starts out with a cute whistling guitar duet, and then jumps right into an immediately sad song. This is a song of failed determination. He tries talks to somebody, but they leave. This songs sounds really sincere, and sincerity is what makes sad songs worth listening to. Excellent job, Woody.

You can download all four of these acoustic tracks for free on Woody Oliver’s Bandcamp page. Head on over there and check them out!