May 2010

Red Rocks Summer Concert Schedule

Summer is creeping down the Rockies Mountains, which means only one:  time for concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  This outside amphitheatre is one of the best places to watch a concert, and this year's concert line-up is incredibe.  The natural, outdoor concert venue has unreal views of the rock landscape, with the downtown city of Denver on the horizon.  Pollstar magazine, the leading concet industry magazine, after awarding the best small outdoor venue to Red Rocks for the 11th time decided to make the award called call the Red Rocks Award, its in honor.  Below is the entire scheduled lineup for Red Rocks this summer, including date, times and artists.  Also, Ticketmaster, handles the ticketing for this venue, and tickets can be purchased for Red Rocks by clicking

Turtles Are Colorado Bound

Five chairs sit upon the stage, with five instruments next to them.  It is all they need.  All they need to put on one of the greatest live shows one could see.  On the far left sits Erik Berry, an incredible mandolin player.  The beard and overalls combo put him at unheard of levels of greatness.  Next to him is Ryan Young, with fiddle in hand.  The fiddle could not be in better hands.  Dave Carroll takes the next seat, with his trusty banjo.  The number of notes he plays in a matter of seconds is completely, utterly, insane.  One day his intensity will set his banjo ablaze on stage.  Leader singer Dave Simonett sits next to Carroll.  The combination of his depth of lyrics, turned into unreal vocals and ferocity on the acoustic guitar make him one of the best frontman around.  The seat on the far