November 2011

Not Quite Christmas Caroling, But Just As Good

"Mainstream, local and upcoming artists/bands have booked various shows throughout the month."

We hear “December” and we often think, Christmas. Yet, December is a month filled with many other things outside of the holiday season. And here in Denver, despite the snow… music rings through the season, continues filling the venues and keeps us nodding our heads and downloading new songs from I-Tunes.  This December is no different. Mainstream, local and upcoming artists/bands have booked various shows throughout the month. Regardless of your genre choice, December delivers a mix to Denver.

Kid Rock rolls in likely covering his Born Free Album, Little Texas brings the toe tapping, 2 stepping, cowboy hat wearing party to the Grizzly Rose, Matisyahu comes bearing a little reggae alternative rock, the B-52s take us back a bit and capture some old school tunes, Social Distortion transports the punk rock music to the Ogden, and Macklemore with Ryan Lewis cover the rap/hip-hop genre with lyrical grace. Believe me, this is a minor list of upcoming shows and you can always check out your favorite venue for December’s playlist, so to speak. Ticketmaster also provides a means to simply scope out upcoming shows throughout the city.

Vocal Battle

Featuring Urban Method

Acknowledging various artists, bands, songs and overall Denver music is the purpose of this sight. I was planning to write on the upcoming concerts and shows coming to Denver in the next few weeks, but I am putting that on hold briefly. Instead, I wanted to talk about a Denver group that is making headlines on a NBC show, “The Sing-Off.” This group is Urban Method.

Urban Method is comprised of eight Denver musicians who have formed to compete on this no music, all acappella, show. The primary difference between this group and the other vocal groups on the show, is their hip-hop/rap approach to their songs. They stand out…do things a little different…which could be the defining component which will keep them singing or send them back to Denver.

The Lumineers - 'Flowers In Your Hair'

A brief bluegrass stomp out of an adorable Denver trio.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

I suppose I am that local person who is now taking over and offering some information on the Denver music scene. Let me begin by saying, props to those who came before me…giving concert information and some phenomenal “song of the day” selections. I shall do my best to fill these shoes and give some perspective on what lyrical and musical talent is coming out of or to Denver. I am a local…in that I reside in Denver and have done so for about 6 years. I am named after a combination platter of Gilligan’s Island and a Beatles Album, have a knack for religiously remembering lyrics to about every song I listen to, have a red Fender Squire kickin’ it in the corner of my living room (for which I play a mad 4 chords), kicked ass on the recorder in grade school, and can honestly say…music moves me. I am no music expert and as with all things, our ear for music isn’t always in tune with the rest of the world. Our choice in genre is not in sync with our neighbors. Our favorite bands may not stand up to the mainstream American Idol epidemic.

With that being said, I will do my best at tapping into the Denver Music scene as a whole. I will offer information on all genres, types of musicians, venues, etc. I will get insight from friends and family here in Denver, who have different ears for music and may lend us an interesting avenue to take for the day. All big cities have bands, musicians and performers…Denver is no different. Yet the musical venues are numerous and catching local entertainment or knowing where to look, isn’t always the easiest adventure.

I will tackle this challenge here. Not necessarily beginning with a specific musician or band to follow, but rather the various venues which are laying the stage for performers, both local and national.  Whether you are trying to land a gig or see what Denver has to offer, these places can give you some direction, some local flavor, and a night out on the town seeing the city from the mouths of people living here.