December 2011

Modern Witch's Disaro

"I can imagine a room full of people in a small apartment zoning and grooving out to this one."

 Need some 80s inspired, lo-fi at times, hi-fi at times, electronic soundscapes? Check out Modern Witch. That’s a great name for this band. The vocals are appropriately creepy but set to the modern sounds of possibly circuit bent electronics, drum machines, and beautiful synths.

A Mouthful of Thunder - 'I Will Remember You'

I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the Slow Burn EP from A Mouthful of Thunder actually was released back in '95 as it states on their Bandcamp. I also wouldn't be shocked if it were recorded and released this year as a kind of fruitful retrospective on a sunnier time. Either way, fans of the Doug Martsch camp of guitar-based songwriting ought to check this Denver trio out. 

Paper Bird - 'Sounds Like Rain'

Most Americana groups content themselves with putting out records and playing shows, but Denver's Paper Bird demonstrates a little more ambition than most. They've gone ahead and composed a full-length ballet in collaboration with Ballet Nouveau Colorado. I have no idea what Carry On looks like when performed, but its organic, well-crafted musical half sounds mighty nice on its own. Check out 'Sounds Like Rain' below, and catch Paper Bird at the Oriental Theater for a New Year's show at the end of the month.