January 2012

John Statz - 'Distance'

The new LP from Americana songwriter John Statz drops tomorrow on Yer Bird Records. The opening track and lead single off the record is available now as a free download below. Check it out; there's feelings and stuff inside.


The only tag Harpoontang used on BandCamp besides “Denver” is “fun”. That’s so appropriate! “Jingle Me Down” is the raunchiest Christmas song you could ever hear. I promise. All of these songs are ridiculous! And sort of disgusting, but it’s so entertaining. Santa knows where you’ve been, but you don’t know where he’s been. Wrap it up.

Accordion Crimes

They say they’re interested in DIY Venues, aluminum neck guitars, recording techniques, homemade donuts, African Tape Group, NPR, and slaying zombies

When I first went to Accordion Crimes’ Bandcamp page, I saw that they tagged themselves as post-rock and thought, “Dang. There are tons of instrumental post-rock bands.” Turns out, they aren’t instrumental! They also aren’t really what I normally think of as post-rock at all, which is very good. They’re name is from an E. Annie Proulx novel that doesn’t have anything to do with rock music.

My Body Sings Electric


 So, this band is out of the kind of genre that I normally listen to, but they are absolutely doing it well. I used to be reasonably into Thrice, The Mars Volta, and Circa Survive, but those times have left me. My Body Sings Electric lists all of those bands (plus Glassjaw and Dance Gavin Dance) in the “Artists we also like” section of their Facebook page.