February 2012


Denver Raw Rock

Buildings is a rock band from Denver. They’re calling this “post-hardcore”, “post-rock”, “indie”, “rock”, and “noise”. Terms don’t mean anything at all! Tagging is such an inherently limiting categorization style, but it’s the only way I find out about bands. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Lockbox - Hypersecret

This psychedelic cassette collage comes from a 17-year-old assembler of sound known only as Lockbox. Pretty interesting stuff, especially if you're into the Elephant 6 types at their weirdest. 

Year of the Dragonfly - 'Black Friday'

With a highly refined sense of atmosphere and a keen ear for the strange and the spiritual, this experimental duo has crafted an astonishing debut. Pupil is available to download for free and comes urgently recommended for those fond of dream-pop, glitch-folk, and everything in between.


There are no beaches in Denver.

Balue is going to the beach, and they’re going to swim around and look at all the creatures. Oh man, I’d love to go to the beach right now, and this is definitely what I’d listen to on the way there. Balue’s five track album “Worry Toobs” on Bandcamp is totally solid beach rock for this wintery season. They’re from Denver! Why are they singing about the beach?!

Rivulets - 'Everybody's On the Run'

Looks like this Denver trio is currently busy touring Portugal and Spain. Check out their dark, minimal folk rock below.

The Northern Hemisphere

Quiet Songs For A Loud Generation

Well, this album is extremely accurately titles. “Quiet Songs for a Loud Generation” by The Northern Hemisphere is one of the lowest volume albums I’ve ever heard. I had to turn my speakers way up to  really hear it. That’s totally appropriate though. They get such good dynamics that most bands nowadays can’t pull off at all with all their enormous levels of compression and artificial mastering techniques. “Quiet Songs for a Loud Generation” sounds really great, even though you have to turn your speakers up about three times as much as normal to really hear its softest parts.