May 2012

The Magic Beans

Self-Titled Album Review

The Magic Beans tagged themselves as “ameritronica” on Bandcamp! That’s one of the most interesting tags I’ve read in a while. I can definitely see the Americana roots in their music, all though most of their sounds do seem to be organic, and so I don’t quite understand the electronic part of that combination of a word. In any case, this music is really cool! They’ve got an eight-track, free album on Bandcamp released in July 21 and simply titled, “The Magic Beans.” Check it out for a lot of really great sounds from some very obviously skilled musicians.


Winter Sessions EP

Février is the name of the ambient work of Connor Etges from Boulder, Colorado, and back in March he released five really great wintry tracks in a mini-EP called “Winter Sessions EP.” It’s no longer snowy in the majority of the country, but give these songs a listen and take yourself back into the great, white, mind-freeing expanse of winter.


The first track, “Slight Mint,” is full of really interesting sounds including some windy sounds of snow-covered mountains. It’s an instrumental track with lots of great fades in and out, and it might be my favorite on the album.